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Voronezh-Aqua Group is the Russian leader in the area of designing, manufacturing and supplying of water and waste water treatment.

Fields of specialization:

  • Industrial water treatment
  • Waste water purification
  • Public water supply facilities
  • Recycling water supply

Complex approach to implementation of chemical water treatment programs provides efficient solutions for various industrial sectors, housing and public utilities.

Modern solutions for:

  • Corrosion prevention of technologic and heat-exchange equipment
  • Prevention of microbiological contaminations
  • Prevention of scale formation in membrane systems
  • Stabilization of colloid systems

Voronezh-Aqua Group has technical competence and financial resources for project implementation in BOOT format including but not limited to:

  • Fund raising
  • Pre-project analysis
  • Designing
  • Manufacturing and supplying of equipment
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning and start-up

Our projects
Krasnodar TPP
Krasnodar TPP
Appointment of prepared water
  • Feeding power-generating boilers
  • Feeding heating supply system