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NA-cationite filters

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NA-cationite filters


Receipt of softened water in automatic, continuous or periodic modes.



Softening technology using Na-cationite filters is based on water filtration process through special material — cationite which has active centers in its structure cooperating with cationes located in water.

Fresh cationite used for water softening saturated with Na-ions. When passing through cationite layer Ca- and Mg-ions present in water are replaced in equivalent proportion with Na-ions. As a result, the water is softened.

During the softening process the cationite load loses its ion-exchange capacity. To restore this capacity it is necessary to periodically perform cationite regeneration. Regeneration is performed as a result of passing sodium chloride solution through a cationite layer.

After the regeneration process of the cationite layer, the load is used repeatedly.

Ion-exchange filters with direct and indirect flow regeneration technologies are used to soften water.

The fundamental distinction of direct flow technology from an indirect one is that the regeneration solution is supplied in the opposite direction to primary water supply.

For more information about the operating principles of the indirect flow Na-cationite filter, see the video.

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  • Optimum regeneration efficiency
  • High efficiency, high rate of water softening (total hardness is reduced to 5 mkg·eqv/dm3)
  • Reduction of reagent consumption to 50%
  • Twofold reduction of water consumption for own needs and twofold reduction of waste water amount respectfully