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Reverse osmosis units

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Reverse osmosis units


Reverse osmosis units are used for water clarification using membrane separation from mineral salts, organic matters, trace impurities and bacterial contamination.



The reverse osmosis method involves passing water containing mineral salts, organic matters, trace impurities and bacteria under pressure through special semipermeable membranes. Whereby reverse-osmosis membrane passes only water molecules holding impurities. As the result two fluxes are generated - purified and demineralized water (permeate) and water with concentrated impurities (concentrate).

The reverse osmosis process efficiency is determined by properties of used membranes, which shall correspond to the following requirements:

  • high selectivity;
  • high relative permeability ratio;
  • characteristic permanence during operation;
  • outward influence tolerance;
  • sufficient mechanical reliability.

To delay the formation of undesired deposits on reverse-osmosis membranes, it is recommended to use sludging inhibitors which are batched into primary water before supplying reverse osmosis using a reagent batching unit.

To eliminate sludge from the surface of reverse-osmosis membranes inevitably forming as the result of sorption of organic matters and bacterial contamination it is recommended to use the chemical flushing system of reverse-osmosis units.

As an option, Voronezh-Aqua is ready to deliver chemical flushing systems together with the reverse osmosis unit.

The reverse osmosis system can be controlled in semi-automatic and automatic modes.

For more information about the operating principles of reverse osmosis units, see the video.

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  • Water demineralization without using chemical reagents
  • Elimination of bacteria and pyrogenes
  • Low operational costs
  • No need for waste water neutralization
  • No need for waste water neutralization
  • Construction compactness
  • Electronic quality control
  • Average lifetime of units between chemical flushings is 1 year