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Separating centrifuges

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Separating centrifuges


Separating centrifuges are used for concentration and dehydration of sediments generated at various purification stages of waste water.



The working principle of separating centrifuges. Suspension to be processed is input inside machine (in a drum) using a supply hose and smoothly accelerated by input rotor. Under the influence of centrifugal force, solid particles settle and are accumulated on the walls of the drum, which is designed in the form of a cylinder with transition to a conical form. This drum construction gives an opportunity to provide a high degree of product purification in the cylindrical part and good dehydration of solid particles in the conical part. Then solid particles are captured by transporting a screw conveyor and sent to the conical part of rotor in constant flow. Therefore, suspension is divided into two fractions: solid phase and centrate. Solid matters come out through holes in the tight part of drum. Centrate comes out through two drainage holes in the opposite end of the drum.

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Flocculants are input into separating centrifuges to multiply the purification effect of dehydration and sediment concentration.

  • Construction compactness
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low noise level
  • The possibility to not interrupt the technological process of suspension separation
  • It is not necessary to use additional consumables
  • Automatic mode