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Disc filters

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Disc filters


Disc filters are used for the elimination of such mechanical impurities as sand, rust, slag and other mechanical inclusions from water.



The water clarifying process using disc filters is based on water passing through diaphragms collected on an extendable core which provide high degree filtration. During the filtration process diaphragms are impacted with each other, providing high efficiency filtration. Water penetrates through the filter element outside-in. Suspended solid particles are held between discs and on their surface inside. Clarified water goes out through the outlet port. Disc filters are notable for easy installation and maintenance.

The gradual accumulation of impurity particles on discs leads to a pressure difference which is controlled by a gauge. Then the automatic self-clarification cycle begins. The disc element is cleaned during the back washing process, when discs are divided on an extendable core.

For more information about the operating principles of the disc filter, see the video.

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  • high degree filtration
  • automatic self-clarification process, which is initiated when mechanical particles are accumulated on the screen surface and relevant pressure difference
  • easy installation and maintenance