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Microfiltration units

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Microfiltration units


Microfiltration units are used for elimination of mechanical impurities (sand, rust, slag and etc.) from water.



The microfiltration unit consists of a filter holder with filter polypropylene elements installed inside it.

The work of the microfiltration unit is based on a water filtration process through polymer material of the cartridge. Primary water through inlet (central) pipeline comes to the holder. Then it is filtered through filter elements under the outside-in principle and goes to the consumer through the outlet pipeline. During the filtration process, all particles which exceed cartridge micropores size are eliminated from the input stream accumulating on the filter element, reducing its carrying capacity. The filtration level depends on the rating of the used element.

Worked-out cartridges shall be substituted for new ones.

For more information about the operating principles of microfiltration units, see the video.

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  • Ability to sustainably reproduce specified characteristics throughout the length and depth of filter material, providing high filtration efficiency
  • Unique porosity structure of filter material provides high productivity, contaminant capability, and element long service life
  • High chemical resistance to wide range of chemical reagents
  • Optimum combination of product price and quality