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Organic matter decomposition units

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Organic matter decomposition units


Organic matter decomposition units are used for the elimination of undesired chemical compounds, lowering the level of total organic carbon, chemical oxygen demand and biological oxygen demand.

Compared to physical and biological purification methods, when using organic matter decomposition units there are no secondary products and the sludge elimination process demands the application of additional technological solutions



Radicals of oxygen and hydroxyl with high oxidation capacity are generated under the influence of UV-radiation on molecules of ozone and hydrogen peroxide. Their reaction capacity is much higher than for ozone.

There are three main types of organic matter decomposition units:

  1. Units based on the influence of hydrogen peroxide and UV-radiation;
  2. Units based on the influence of ozone and UV-radiation;
  3. Units based on the influence of ozone, hydrogen peroxide, UV-radiation and catalyst agent.

Depending on the nature of organic compounds there can be two possible types of destruction: hydroxyl radical can capture hydrogen atom generating water (either with alkanes or with spirits) or it can join in with contaminant either in case with olefins or aromatic compounds.

Influence of hydroxyl radical in the presence of oxygen begins a complex cascade of oxidation reactions leading to the mineralization of organic compounds.

  • Receipt of highly demineralized water in automatic mode without using chemical water treatment agents
  • Deep elimination of soluble silicates from water
  • Electronic quality control of demineralized water
  • No need for waste water neutralization and dilution
  • Construction compactness