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Local systems of automatic control

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Local systems of automatic control


Local systems of automatic control provide set optimum modes as specified both in startup and normal operating conditions. Local systems of automatic control exercise the following functions: measuring, controlling and regulating the main technological parameters characterizing technological condition of water and waste water treatment. The number of regulated parameters in the separately taken local system of automatic control is set at the design stage. The work quality of local systems of automatic control to a large extent determines the stability and quality of output product (water).



Voronezh-Aqua experts are ready to provide full automation of water and waste water treatment processes and to minimize human participation.

The waste water treatment station is managed by the industrial controller and functions automatically. All current processes are controlled and managed automatically. Human participation in the system’s work is minimized.

Modern industrial programmed logic controllers are used for the automation of water and waste water treatment processes. The management system is based on these controllers. This system processes emergency situations, monitoring signal duplications and also blockings which do not allow the process to fall outside the values safe for service personnel and the operation of equipment.

The controller, using the algorithm specified by programmers, generates monitoring signals to control blocks of equipment: frequency regulators, contactors, relay and internal control blocks of equipment.

The operator is solely responsible for taking urgent and important decisions. The operator works in accordance with the convenient management system of the unit, which gives an opportunity to change the settings and process parameters, and to check its condition.

All parameters can be seen on the management screen and are available for the operator at any time. It is not necessary to perform any manipulations in automatic mode. All the main process indicators, warning and emergency signals can be seen on the management screen. When critical emergency signals are actuated, the controller automatically corrects the unit working mode to prevent any accident.

Feedback with the unit is performed using working or emergency signals returned by control blocks of equipment, and also with sensor readings transmitted to the controller using electric signals.

The general view of automatic control over water and waste water treatment process gives the opportunity to send data related to the unit working condition using various interfaces or elementary electric signals to the client's management systems..

It is also possible to send data using a remote GPRS channel. These means giving an opportunity to perform remote monitoring and archive of unit working modes over an extended period of time.

Any local system of automatic control can be flexibly adapted in accordance with the client’s requirements towards the features of this exact object.

  • Operational reliability
  • Accuracy of regulated parameters control
  • Fast operation