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Н/ОН filters

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Н/ОН filters


Receipt of demineralized water in automatic or manual, continuous or periodic modes.



Ion-exchange filters are used to soften, demineralize and selectively eliminate different ions.

Ion-exchange technology is based on utilization of special solid matters (cationites and anionites) able to adsorb positive and negative ions from electrolyte solution in exchange for equivalent amounts of other ions.

Depending on exchanged ion processes and apparatus have the following names:

  • Н-cationization, Н-cationite filter
  • ОН-anionization, ОН-anionite filter

Н-cationization is used for elimination of all cationes from water with exchange for H-ions.

Water after Н-cationization contains plenty of H-ions. That's why reaction is acid. This technology is used together with ionization processes.

Anionization of water is performed to eliminate anions during filtration through anionite layer in accordance with the following reactions:

Filtration process on Н-cationite filters ends when Ca- and Mg-ions pass over into filtrate. Afterwards exhausted cationite is regenerated.

Filtration process on anionite filters ends when silicic acid passes over into filtrate.

Cationite regeneration is performed with hydrochloric acid solution. Anionite regeneration is performed with sodium hydroxide solution. Worked out regeneration solutions are mixed for neutralization and sent to recycling.

Direct and indirect flow technologies are used to regenerate ionites. Fundamental distinction of direct flow technology from indirect one is that regeneration solution is supplied in opposite direction to primary water supply.

  • Optimum regeneration efficiency
  • High efficiency
  • Reduction of reagent consumption to 50%
  • Halving of water consumption for own needs and halving of waste water.