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Sorption filters

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Sorption filters


Sorption filters are used to purify water from sorption impurities in particular, to eliminate organic matters, heavy metals, some bacteria and the objectionable smell.



Sorption filter is a vertical case made of metal or fiberglass with drainage-distribution units filled with a special load (sorbent).

The working technology of the sorption filter involves sorbing of contaminating impurities when passing water through sorbent (top downwards).

Sorption is the absorption process of ions and molecules (gases, metals, organic molecules etc.) by some materials (a classic example is activated carbon), whereby matters from the water or gas phase are transferred to the surface and in the volume of the solid phase.

The sorption load of the filter gradually becomes dirty during work, and that's why it is partially regenerated in regular intervals by back-flushing (bottom upwards).

  • Selective impurities elimination
  • High efficiency purification
  • Easy maintenance and high reliability
  • Improvement of organoleptic indicators of finished products