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Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor

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Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor


Biological purification of waste water from organic matters, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and other contaminations.



The working principle of the floating load bioreactor is based on the utilization of special floating load covered with biological film (biofilm) formed by microorganism colonies. The biofilm thickness depends on hydraulic load, organic matter concentration, porosity and specific surface of loaded material and many other factors. The load is in intensive turbulence conditions during the whole waste water purification process.

When waste water goes through the floating load bioreactor, undissolved impurities, colloidal and organic matters are sorbed with biofilm. Part of organic microorganisms are used for weight increment. The weight of active biofilm constantly increases. The biological purification process begins (amount of organic matters, chemical oxygen demand, biochemical oxygen demand, toxicity are reduced) due to microorganisms contained in biofilm.

The exhausted and mortified biofilm is washed out by discharged water and taken out from bioreactor. Floating load is held by a special screen.

Oxygen is necessary for the activity of microorganisms. Its supply into the reactor is provided by the aeration screen from pipes located at the bottom of the reactor. Air gives an opportunity to mix the contents of the reactor and maintain the load in motion.

If organic contaminants exceed the allowable value of the loaded material, the floating load bioreactor will be quickly silted up and its work will significantly worsen.

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  • High stability to change of input parameters and toxicity
  • Fast commissioning and recovery after process stopped
  • Possibility of additional power improvement via load percentage change
  • Compatibility in comparison with classical systems (aerotanks)