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Granular loaded mechanic filters

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Granular loaded mechanic filters


Granular loaded mechanic filters are used for preliminary water purification in automatic and manual modes from mechanical impurities, clarification, elimination of ferrum and manganese, dechloridation, down regulation of organic matters depending on load.



The granular loaded mechanic filter is a vertical case made of metal or plastic with drainage-distribution arrangements filled with granular load. To improve water distribution due to section and to reduce clogging of lower drainage arrangement, filtration load is placed on gravel layer.

The filtration process involves water passing from the top downwards through a layer of granular or pored material loaded into purifying filters. When filtering, water solid particles are held inside thick filtration material or on the surface. As a result, water is clarified.

Granular load regeneration (loosening) involves water passing from the top downwards, eliminating blocked suspensions from the interporous area. Adhered contaminations are eliminated from the surface by the impacting of particles.

When regeneration is finished, the load layer shall subside. Then filtration is continued. First volumes of filtered water containing an abundant number of contaminations are discharged into canalization.
For more information about the operating principles of the mechanical filter, see the video.

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  • Flexibility
  • Utilization of modern materials
  • Easy operation and high operational reliability