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Meshed filters

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Meshed filters


Automatic self-cleaning filters are successfully used for elimination of such mechanical impurities as sand, rust, slag and other mechanical inclusions from water.


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The water filtration process in meshed filters is based on water passing through several filter screens, the mesh size of which is less than the impurity particle size.

During filtration, water comes inside the filter, firstly passing through the primary treatment mesh, which holds large mud particles. Then it is clarified on a fine filtration mesh which holds smaller particles.
Mechanical impurities are accumulated on meshes during filtration which leads to a pressure difference in the system. The pressure difference gauge records the difference and begins the filter self-cleaning process when the pressure difference set value is reached.

Cleaning of fine filtration mesh is performed using adsorbing scanner. Impurities are eliminated through the flush valve.

The cleaning process takes up to 40 seconds. During this time, the filter with automatic cleaning is still working.

For more information about the operating principles of the meshed filter, see the video.

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  • high degree filtration
  • automatic self-clarification process, which is initiated when mechanical particles are accumulated on the mesh surface and relevant pressure difference
  • easy installation and maintenance